Hello there, visitor! I'm Anna June Sinsel, a 22-year-old self taught photographer, proud owner of a Mountain Man Nut and Fruit Company franchise, devoted cat mom, and soon-to-be bride.

From the moment I could hold a camera, photography has been my joy and passion. It all started with capturing still life and landscapes for my 4-H projects, and from there, I ventured into the world of portraits during my high school years.

At 16, I found myself capturing the smiles and laughter of my friends and family, which eventually blossomed into JuneDay Photography. Along the way, I've learned and grown, fueled by my love for the craft and endless inspiration from Pinterest.

While my journey is ongoing, I'm filled with pride for how far I've come. I invite you to explore my services and prices, and I can't wait to connect with you soon!

Your local photographer,
Anna Sinsel

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