As an outdoor photographer, I love meeting my clients at some of my favorite outdoor spots in and around Kearney. While I have my go-to locations, I'm always open to shooting at a place that's special to you. Just keep in mind, if your chosen spot is more than 30 miles outside of Kearney, there's a small mileage fee.
Kilgore Bridge
This is one of my favorites! There is a road that leads to a bike trail entrance where we will walk to Kilgore bridge going over the Platte river right outside of Ft. Kearney. It's a popular spot among photographers, so you've probably already seen it in some photos.  
Harmon Park 
This is a nice, quiet park in Kearney. This one is good for family sessions because there's lots of parking and it's easily accessible. It's a beautiful location with flowers, trees and ponds. 
Downtown Kearney
We will meet somewhere around downtown Kearney, and I'll take you around to all the amazing wall art and backdrops.
Cottonmill Park
This beautiful park is located on the west side of Kearney. It's filled with trees, lakes, and prairie, perfect for any session. 
Family Farm East of Minden
This is my Uncle's farm that has a lot of character. We can go in the trees, in a grass field, around all the buildings, and on the gravel road. 
Location of your choice:
As you can see, I've gone to family farms, sport fields/rooms, and many more. If you have a location that's close to your heart we can make it work!
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